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You have a winner!

Cruisin' Crutch review by Maria (Mundelein, Illinois) on Feb 13, 2013

I wanted to thank you for coming up with a creative crutch. You have a winner, as you already know. Your crutches are more comfortable than conventional ones. The arm cushion feels big compared to the regular one but one gets familiar with it very quickly. The handgrips are the perfect size; the material used has the appropriate consistency that allows the body weight to be better distributed throughout the hand and not only in the middle of the palm. The articulated tip at the end of the crutch helps maintain the grip to the surface much better than the conventional one. The design turns heads, starting with the ones from the PTs to other people walking around.

Thank you again for providing safe crutches!! No more falling downstairs! The foot/tip could now be at an angle and I was not slipping. Easier to use when snow is present. I even used the tips to reach stuff at supermarkets that were on the higher racks.

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