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Cruisin’ Crutch everywhere she goes!

Cruisin' Crutch review by Beth and Genevieve (Kent, Ohio) on Oct 10, 2014

Genevieve was a varsity gymnast, 16, and diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her hip. Treatment began immediately after diagnosis. She knew she had to endure a year of intense chemotherapy, but did not anticipate at what cost she would be cancer free. The osteosarcoma spread to the nerve bundle that controlled her leg. After five opinions from the best hospitals in the nation, it was conclusive, her leg and hip had to be amputated to remove the cancer. Minutes after she awoke from the 10-hour surgery, she posted on facebook, “cancer-free at Rush.”

After trying to use a prosthetic leg, she decided to use crutches. She depended on standard crutches we had gotten from the hospital to get around. But they hurt her wrists, arms and hands.On our way to a doctor appointment one day, the metal crutch cut through the rubber bottom and slid out from underneath Genevieve. She fell. She was so sad, mad, and frustrated. After all she had to endure, this didn’t seem fair.

We were contacted by Bob Hendricks, General Manager of Go Steady. He has brought Genevieve crutches ever since. Each time, better, and improved, reflecting feedback from users. The applied ergonomics make these crutches very comfortable. Genevieve has used these crutches for two years. She survived last winter without a single fall, largely due to her dependable crutches. Genevieve has used Go Steady crutches everywhere she goes and feels secure. She has been in the ocean, sand dunes, on ice, snow, and cobblestone streets. She navigated her high school, called the “castle on the hill,” and now gets around the Kent State University campus without incident. As a parent, I am so grateful for Go Steady. I feel secure knowing Genevieve has crutches that she can depend on-as their motto states: Mobility with security. Thank you Go Steady!

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