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    The Tuffi-Tip® is a uniquely designed alternative to the "conventional" rubber cane tip. The tripod base offers greater surface area for better stability and the tread design prevents slippage by providing superior grip to all surfaces, inside or outside your home. Unlike other replacement tips, the Tuffi-Tip® has the soft feel of rubber but, with 10x the durability and without the rubber smell. It fits all standard aluminum canes and wooden canes up to 1 in.



    • 1 Tripod Base
    • 2 Greater Surface Area
    • 3 Grooved Cohesive Grip on Base
    • 4 Thermoplastic Material – soft as rubber and 10x tougher
    • 5 Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • 6 American Made


    • 1 Provides better stability
    • 2 Base allows for superior grip on all surfaces – including tile
    • 3 Tread design adheres to ground surface, preventing slippage
    • 4 Material is plastic – No rubber smell
    • 5 Ensures a durable, long lasting product
    • 6 Locally made, reliable
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