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    The patented ergonomically grooved hand grip offers an expanded cushioned palm surface whereby putting less stress on fingers and providing a comfortable and secure grip. Grooved Grip


    "I had recently purchased a cane from another company before trying the GO STEADY® cane. After trying the Combo Cane®, I returned my original purchase. I have cellulitis and have difficulty getting around but, your product is great. I really think the comfortable grip is wonderful".

    Dorothy from Saint Mary's, PA


    • 1 Soft, cushioned, hand molded, herringbone patterned
    • 2 Available in two sizes


    • 1 Provides more comfort and control with less finger stress (more palm contact relative to fingers)
    • 2 Better fit and control for adults and older children
    • 3 Provides more security
    Go Steady®
    "Mobility With Security"
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