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    The revolutionary Comfort Pad is virtually pain free! The strategically placed grooves and soft, foam cushion reduces underarm nerve pressure and eliminates the pain associated with conventional crutches. In combination with Go Steady's Flexi-Tip®, Grooved Grip and adjustable aircraft aluminum frame, the Go STEADY® Cruisin’ Crutch enhances the user's mobility, security, balance and confidence by reducing the risk of falling. All this plus NO PAIN makes the Go STEADY® Cruisin’ Crutch® unsurpassed by any other crutch available!

    • No underarm pain
    • Relieves brachial plexis nerve pressure
    • Soft, foam padding for comfort
    • Grooved Grip distributes weight pressure over entire palm surface and is comfortable for all hand sizes
    • Flexi-Tip® provides soft landings avoiding the traumatic jolts of single point conventional crutches
    • No slipping on stairs or a variety of other surfaces – wet or dry
    • Fashionable
    • Thermoplastic material is durable and odorless
    • Patented
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Adjustable (43"- 63")
    • Made & Assembled in the USA



    • 1 Revolutionary and strategically grooved, cushioned foam Comfort Pad
    • 2 Soft, cushioned foam Comfort Pad
    • 3 Equipped with Grooved Grip
    • 4 Complete with Flexi-Tip®
    • 5 Adjustable (43"- 63")
    • 6 Fashionable
    • 7 Made & Assembled in the USA


    • 1 Virtually NO underarm pain
    • 2 Reduces chance of brachial plexis nerve injury
    • 3 Distributes weight pressure over entire surface of palm
    • 4 Very comfortable for most hand sizes
    • 5 Soft landings avoid the traumatic jolts of single point conventional crutches
    • 6 Coheres to many surfaces including wood, carpet, tile, stairs, cement, asphalt, etc.
    • 7 Secure on wet, dry and uneven surfaces
    • 8 Unique design draws positive attention
    • 9 Makes user less self-conscious about handicap
    Go Steady®
    "Mobility With Security"
    © Go Steady LLC