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    The patented Flexi-Tip® and Grooved Grip® truly define Go STEADY’s Combo Cane®. The key benefit of the Combo Cane® is the flexibility of the tripod Flexi-Tip® which stays secure at any angle and coheres to virtually any surface reducing the risk of falling and enhancing mobility, security and confidence. The ergonomically designed Grooved Grip® combines softness and comfort of a larger surface area for better control and easy hanging. Both components are made of thermoplastic material (not rubber) which eliminates odor and extends wear. The sturdy, balanced aluminum shaft (fashionable in gold color) increases stability unlike standard offset canes and supports up to 300 lbs. The Combo Cane® is adjustable from 29” to 38” in length (grip to floor) and is available with a regular (S/M) or L/XL size Grooved Grip®. A dropped Combo Cane® can also self-right by simply stepping on the Flexi-Tip®.

    • Patented
    • Flexible, anti-skid tripod tip
    • Ergonomically designed grip
    • Contains NO rubber (or latex)
    • Strong
    • Adjustable
    • Self-righting
    • Made & Assembled in the USA


    "Just a quick note to let you know that Go Steady’s® cane quickly replaced the clumsy walker I was using. The extra wide grip design added to my security and bolstered my confidence when walking. Thanks for the unique design—I just love it!"

    Adrienne from St. Louis, MO

    "I have M.S. and my main concern at this time is my balance problems. Living in northern Illinois our weather can be very challenging so the GO STEADY® cane tip makes me feel much more secure when walking. I also find that it doesn't slip or slide when I am getting out of a car in bad weather. This cane tip has made my life much safer. Anyone with issues of steadiness should try Flexi-Tip®. It works. Thanks!"

    "I am a man of large stature. I need and depend on canes to be mobile and avoid falls and injuries. I have used the Go Steady Combo Cane with the Flexi-Tip for over 4 years now. It was safe when new and is still safe now with minimal wear. I am impressed with the reliability and longevity of the Flexi-Tip®. The Grooved Grip gives me comfort and control of the cane that other canes do not provide. The total Combo Cane is the best quality and most dependable cane I am aware of."

    Paul from Wisconsin


    • 1 Designed to promote natural gait
    • 2 Aligned
    • 3 Exceedingly strong
    • 4 Self-Righting


    • 1 Reduces “reach” and wobble
    • 2 Grip is aligned with tripod flexi-tip™ for stability and control
    • 3 Aircraft aluminum 6061
    • 4 Simply step on the flexi-tip™ and the cane self-rights
    Go Steady®
    "Mobility With Security"
    © Go Steady LLC