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  • Will the GO STEADY® Flexi-Tip and/or GO STEADY® Grooved Grip fit my cane or crutches?

    The GO STEADY® Flexi-Tip and GO STEADY® Grooved Grip are designed to fit most standard size canes and crutches. When ordering the Flexi-Tip, please specify either cane tip or crutch tip. Please consult the package directions for proper installation of GO STEADY® product(s).

    The GO STEADY® Grooved Grip is available in two (2) sizes – S/M (suitable for children and smaller adults) and L/XL.

  • What makes the GO STEADY® Flexi-Tip different from other cane/crutch tips?

    Most standard cane and crutch tips are made of a single rubber piece. Rubber is flexible however, it is not very sturdy or durable when used to make cane/crutch tips. The GO STEADY® Flexi-Tip’s unique patented design, thermo plastic material, and anti-slip base provides flexibility, durability and security that comparable products don’t provide.

  • Where are GO STEADY® Flexi-Tips made?

    The GO STEADY® Flexi-Tip along with the Grooved Hand Grip are manufactured in West Chicago, Illinois. Careful attention to detail insures that we provide our customers with the highest quality products.

  • How does the GO STEADY® Combo Cane compare to other canes?

    The GO STEADY® Combo Cane is clearly superior to standard canes. The fact that canes have been around for centuries is nothing new but, the basic design of most other canes is also nothing new. The GO STEADY® Combo Cane’s patented design that positions the Grooved hand Grip directly in line with the tripod Flexi-Tip is NEW. In addition, the GO STEADY® Combo Cane is made from airline aluminum #6 for extra strength. There clearly is no comparison.

  • How does the Go STEADY® Cruisin’ Crutch® differ from conventional underarm crutches?

    The biggest complaint associated with using conventional crutches is the underarm pain the user experiences. The revolutionary patented Go STEADY® Cruisin’ Crutch® Comfort Pad with the uniquely positioned grooves minimizes pressure on the briachial plexis nerves. Combined with the comfort of soft, cushioned foam the Go STEADY® Cruisin’ Crutch® comfort pad virtually eliminates underarm pain! Together with the benefits of the patented Grooved Grip and Flexi-Tip, the Go STEADY® Cruisin Crutch® provides unsurpassed comfort, control, flexibility and security.

  • What do I do if I have a problem with my GO STEADY® product?

    All Go STEADY® products come with a limited LIFETIME warranty* and a 30-day satisfaction or your money back guarantee. If you experience a problem with any Go STEADY® product due to a manufacturer’s defect, simply return it for replacement. If you are not satisfied with your Go STEADY® purchase for any reason, return it for a full refund (less S & H).

  • * restrictions apply

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