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Cruisin’ Crutch®


  1. Revolutionary and strategically grooved, cushioned foam Comfort Pad

  2. Soft, cushioned foam Comfort Pad

  3. Equipped with Grooved Grip

  4. Complete with Flexi-Tip

  5. Fashionable


  1. Virtually NO underarm pain

  2. Reduces chance of brachial plexis nerve injury

  3. Distributes weight pressure over entire surface of palm

  4. Very comfortable for most hand sizes

  5. Soft landings avoid the traumatic jolts of single point conventional crutches

Combo Cane®


  1. Designed to promote natural gait

  2. Aligned

  3. Exceedingly strong

  4. Self-Righting


  1. Reduces “reach” and wobble

  2. Grip is aligned with tripod flexi-tip™ for stability and control

  3. Aircraft aluminum 6061

  4. Simply step on the flexi-tip™ and the cane self-rights

"Just a quick note to let you know that Go Steady’s® cane quickly replaced the clumsy walker I was using. The extra wide grip design added to my security and bolstered my confidence when walking. Thanks for the unique design—I just love it!"

Liz from Chicago, IL



  1. Secure at virtually any angle

  2. Anti-Skid

  3. Available for most canes and crutches


  1. Standing up from a chair, toilet

  2. Walking on uneven ground

  3. Steady on gravel

  4. Crossover

  5. Flexi-Tip™ feet have a unique texture that coheres on many different surfaces

"Just want to report the high marks my Mom has given your cane tip. She has been using it since Thursday afternoon and won’t try to do anything without it. She said the tip’s cohesion is especially noticeable on the tile floor but it is also very steady and helpful on the carpet."

Adrienne from St. Louis, MO

Grooved Grip


  1. Soft, cushioned, hand molded, herringbone patterned

  2. Available in two sizes


  1. Provides more comfort and control with less finger stress (more palm contact relative to fingers)

  2. Better fit and control for adults and older children

  3. Provides more security

"I had recently purchased a cane from another company before trying the GO STEADY® cane. After trying the Combo Cane®, I returned my original purchase. I have cellulitis and have difficulty getting around but, your product is great. I really think the comfortable grip is wonderful".

Dorothy Saint Mary's, PA
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